Dynamical Creation of a Supersolid in Asymmetric Mixtures of Bosons

Tassilo Keilmann, Ignacio Cirac, and Tommaso Roscilde

Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 255304 (2009)

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We propose a scheme to dynamically create a supersolid state in an optical lattice, using an attractive mixture of mass-imbalanced bosons. Starting from a molecular quantum crystal, supersolidity is induced dynamically as an out-of-equilibrium state. When neighboring molecular wave functions overlap, both bosonic species simultaneously exhibit quasicondensation and long-range solid order, which is stabilized by their mass imbalance. Supersolidity appears in a perfect one-dimensional crystal, without the requirement of doping. Our model can be realized in present experiments with bosonic mixtures that feature simple on-site interactions, clearing the path to the observation of supersolidity.